Trash Talk and Our Puppy 411 Page

It never ceases to amaze me, how vile some people can be! As I understand it, there is currently a very disturbed person attacking my kennel, saying things that are so far beyond the pale, they are disgusting. This person, has been stalking and harassing me since May of this year, and has been slandering and libeling my kennel to anyone stupid enough to listen. She has contacted the State of Montana, dog clubs and various sites where I have website listings telling them outrageous lies! This person, a first time springer buyer with a dog show backyard was unhappy with a field springer puppy they had purchased in the spring. This was a fantastic 3-peat breeding with EXCELLENT reviews and feedback. These puppies are super sound, talented and I have one myself! I BEGGED her to return him for a full refund. She refused and has chosen to spread nothing but pure cow manure instead. There are four other perfectly happy puppy owners with littermates that I stay in contact with regularly. THAT'S THE TRUTH. But, it only takes one to try and trash your reputation and erase 20 years of accomplishment and significant achievement within the breed. 

If there are issues that come up with my puppy buyers, I expect people to be adults and we will handle it with both parties involved in the solution, with nobody libeling another online. I have a detailed purchase contract and there are steps to take to inform the breeder of any issues you have. There are many things that are NOT covered in my breeder warranty as they are deemed cosmetic and not health issues, or are things outside of the breeder's scope, which develop after a puppy leaves my care. 

I've been at this for a very long time, have had personality conflicts with several people over the years (I can be very blunt), but I have never dealt with anyone as horrible as the ridiculous human from this year. My only regret is not sending her deposit back the 25 times my gut told me to. 

If you have not read through our Puppy 411 Page as of yet, I suggest you do so now, and ask yourself, does this look like a person who doesn't care about her dogs, or that just doles out puppies like loaves of bread with no questions asked? Who doesn't fully health test every single dog she has ever bred since the year 2000? That hasn't spent countless hours training and competing with her dogs, who hasn't earned countless titles and awards with her dogs, and doesn't know what she is doing? Give me a fucking break! 

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A couple SUMMER 2021 puppies from FC AFC CFC Toby X Zozzy




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