2023 Puppies

SUMMER/FALL 2023 Puppies

UPDATE 5/14/2023:  Joules is being bred this coming week and will have puppies by the third week of July. The Joules X Pod puppies have jobs in Search and Rescue, Field Trial/Hunt Test, Agility/Obedience/Nosework as well as being outstanding hunting/family companions.

CURRENTLY FULL as of 5/14/2023: We are also doing the final litter with Speck X FC AFC CFC Toby MH RE VCD1 OAP OJP VS this summer.  I only have a few Toby breedings left and then it's gone forever. Because of the extra repro procedures, irreplaceable froze semen, and Toby's proven track record of outstanding competition quality offspring, the prices are appropriately high.  

SPRING/SUMMER 2024 Puppies: 

Zozzy X Toby repeat of 2021 (Outstanding HIGH DRIVE puppies!)

Gem (Zozzy X Toby) X Pod (first litter for Gem)


Although we are no longer competing with our own springers (who knows maybe in the future I'll get back to it), many of our puppy homes are and we enjoy living vicariously through their success. The quality of our dogs will ALWAYS stay high. 

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The 2023 Zozz X Pod mega-litter!
















Note: We do not place our  Springer or Sussex puppies in any of the southern states  or with other breeders.

Our Puppy 411 Page is required reading before contacting us for info. Our puppies are raised in the house, not a kennel. Our litters are livestreamed 24/7 from birth until they leave. Hellfire is an experienced and accomplished AKC Breeder of Merit, Trupanion  breeder with 20+ years of OFA health results in the public database. 


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