Breeding Plans 2022 - 2023

Working Springers

2022 Plans:  I am mulling over the idea of breeding Smudge (Pod X Joules) this summer for FALL puppies. Reservations are open for both hunting/gun dog and active lifestyle pet homes. Contact me for details!

2023 Plans:  Two litters are planned. Zozzy will be bred to the frozen Toby semen for a late spring/early summer litter. I think it will be spring when we breed Joules  for the final time - we are looking at a National Field Champion back east for her retirement litter.  I will only take deposits for these match-ups until after the breedings have been done and we verify a pregnancy.

No other springer litters are planned in 2023. 

NOTE: We do not place puppies in the south or with other breeders. Our companion puppies are only sold with limited registration on non-breeding contracts. Cargo shipping is only available through Alaska Air to Seattle. Most people fly into Bozeman to pick up, and puppies travel in the cabin.

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A 2022 FC AFC CFC Toby MH X Speck puppy

Our Puppy 411 Page is required reading before contacting us for info. Our puppies are raised in the house, not a kennel. Our litters are livestreamed 24/7 from birth until they leave. Hellfire is an experienced and accomplished AKC Breeder of Merit, Trupanion and Good Dog breeder with 20 years of OFA health results in the public database. 

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