Hellfire Springers - 2022

Did you know that I have bred 14 FIELD TRIAL WINNERS?  I too was surprised it was that many!  From hiking buddy and family pet to world class gundog, I take great pride knowing my babies can do it all.  Breeder proud. 🥰
The Hellfires Sussex had a great year, but it was the Hellfire Springers who really rocked it! Agility, Scentwork, Hunt Tests continue to dominate the 2022 AKC events. If I missed somebody, huge apologies, send me a message to jog my memory! Versatile, talented, smart, sound in body and mind = Hellfire's primary directive.
Congratulations to all!
Hellfires Dynamis MH - Field Trial Open WIN
Mettalik Mtn Caballero Cloaked in Black "Poncho" - Field Trial WIN + Placements
Mettalik Mtn Take Me Down Little Seussy "Seussy"- Field Trial WIN + Placements
Hellfires Hidden Treasure SH "Stash"
Hellfire's Heartbreaker CAA DCAT SWE SCNE SIM RATS CZ8B DS CGC TKI "Dream"
MACH Grimms Hellfire Hexenbiest BN RA TD MXS MJB OF T2B CAA BCAT TKN "Riddle"
Hellfires Searching A Ravine OA AXJ CGC TKN "Ravin"
Hellfire's Time Bomb RN MX MXB MXJ MJB MXF HDM CGC TKA "Ska"
Hellfire Pump You Up DCAT "Arnie"
Hellfires Ruse Of Victory SWN "Ruse"
Hellfire Can Fly BN RI NA NAJ NF "Chip"
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Hellfire Performance Springers


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