GCH CH Hellfires Dancing in the Dark

I've had a few breeding inquiries for this dog and it should be stated publicly, that Bruce was placed with my co-owner Jann Grant, on a NON-BREEDING agreement. Additionally, although he passed them as a puppy, Bruce has failed three of his pre-breed health screens as an adult. Yes, he had a great 2022 in the show ring, but he is officially wiped out of my breeding program, and most definitely should NOT be considered for others. 

I have been breeding a very long time, and since my very first litter I have taken genetic soundness and health screenings seriously. Bruce isn't the first nice dog to be washed out, and he won't be the last. I do this for YOUR benefit. I am most definitely not saying that every dog I have bred has been perfect, but there is a big difference between dealing with the MANY issues that can unexpectedly come up from fully health screened parents, and intentionally breeding a dog with serious faults. This is especially true of the rare breeds, with tiny gene pools, that can easily be overrun with serious issues bred in by unscrupulous breeders.  Then there is this fact: whatever is in my pedigrees was put there by previous breeders. 

Bruce wasn't the only nice male from my Maverick/Gwynnie litter. His littermate, Knox, GCH CH Hellfires Cusp of Aries, is nicer through the rib and body than Bruce, with far more substance and better bone. Same great temperament. You can see his OFA HEALTH SCREENS by clicking the link. 

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Baby Chunk from our 2022 Twinky/Frank litter




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