Fly High Mia!

I said the final farewell to my beloved Mia on August 10th. It was a surreal experience as her Smudgie great granddaughters were being born via c-section in the adjacent operating room. I hugged her as she closed her eyes, while hearing the newborns push out their first wails. I felt horribly numb and ambivalent as they handed me the box of babies...but, life goes on. My entire second generation of outstanding Hellfire bitches are now gone. 

Mia was the last daughter from my foundation bitch Maia, Abitt of Hellfire MH. Her sire was  Toby, FC AFC CFC Abitts Highlander Lord MH RE VCD1 OAP OAJ.  She was 14.  Her daughter  Cate, American/Canadian FTW Hellfire's Fling in Decatur SH was her magnum opus.

I already miss her so much. 

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Hellfires Back in Black "Mia"


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