2023 Puppies

Working Springers : 

Upcoming 2023 breedings:  

We had a huge Zozzy X Pod litter on January 21st - and have a male and a female available. This is a fantastic repeat breeding from 2022. Really outstanding, beautiful puppies for gun dog homes and active lifestyle pets. Seriously great feedback from 2022 owners! This is the only springer litter this year.

Contact me (link above) for details and possible availability. I use a puppy application process to select puppy homes. No shipping is available. 

Sussex Spaniels:

Who knows? Check back at the end of February for possible news. We do not take puppy inquiries until we see puppies on the ground. ** We are only working with pet/companion homes - no show homes! **

Zozzy/Pod Active Lifestyle Puppy 2022
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Zozzy/Pod Hunting Puppy 2022

Note: We do not place our  Springer or Sussex puppies in any of the southern states east of NM, or with other breeders. Our Puppy 411 Page is required reading before contacting us for info. Our puppies are raised in the house, not a kennel. Our litters are livestreamed 24/7 from birth until they leave. Hellfire is an experienced and accomplished AKC Breeder of Merit, Trupanion and Good Dog breeder with 20 years of OFA health results in the public database. 

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