Sussex Spaniel Puppies - 2021

Our 2021 plans: We had a litter at the end of January and have a puppy available! Both parents are CH/GCH. This is a repeat breeding. Not sure which puppy is available, yet, might be a boy or girl - I will know when the other people decide. We release our pet puppies between 10-12 weeks old. Serious inquiries only, please.

NOTE: We only place our puppies in furever pet and companion event homes - NO show homes.


No matter what breeder you go with, make sure the parents are eyes, heart, PDP1 DNA and hearing health screened. Normal joint grades are icing on the cake in this breed, the truth is more fail than pass. Parent results should be listed in the OFA public database. Every generation needs to be tested!  Sussex are riddled with health and temperament issues, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. This breed is tricky, heartbreaking, and can throw you some real curve balls. It needs to be carefully bred by knowledgeable breeders who understand genetics and know their pedigrees well. 

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