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My husband and I have just recently moved into the Hamilton area and soon after arriving our Keeshound needed to have a large cancerous growth removed. We read asked around and heard unanimously positive comments about Noah's Ark in Victor. I can't say enough in support of Dr. Bugreeff and her staff... they were fabulous! During the course of Sade's recovery my husband came across this site and several other sites that this person left comments on which all appeared to be copies . When we brought it up at Noah's Ark we heard way more about what went on than this person cared to share here. Leaving out information is misinformation... To anyone reading this I can only say that we highly recommend Dr. Bugreeff and her hospital. Sades is fully recovered and a vibrant energetic part of our family again thanks to Noah's Ark and Dr. Shura Bugreeff and Staff.... thank you so much!

Good question Gigli, and a point I'll make sure to include in the letter to the Montana Board of Vet Medicine. We did NOT have a pre surgery consult about Singer. Only a post consult with Ruby. The original plan was with the frozen semen I had sent up from CO, not fresh, then the plan changed when Toby's semen was collected and evaluated (I am skeptical considering the source!) as strong and healthy. Bottom line: I could have taken her home and done a natural breeding.

Toby gets another semen analysis done tomorrow, his third one since December, from three different vets, and I'm hoping to break the low/high tie. The US specialist pointed out that if he has been bred to several different bitches with no results, the problem is most likely with him. I'm just curious to see if she was even able to evaluate sperm cells correctly!

The biggest problem I see with Dr Bugreeff is that her skill does not match her ego.

This was with fresh, healthy semen, right? Why was a three year old bitch with no history of problems, bred this way? What kind of vet would recommend surgery over natural, with healthy semen? Curious.

We've used her too and the clinic was really run down and too close to the highway. I understand Dr Bugreeff has moved into a new building, but it won't be enough to lure us back. Good luck with your pretty girl.

This was a surgical AI where they inject the semen directly into the uterus so a small incision is necessary. Just a vet bond for sutures, but its a good thing it was draining as it reduced her temperature when it opened up.

It's not a complicated procedure but this whacko repro "specialist" I used still managed to screw it up.

WORST vet I have ever used for anything...EVER.

Yikes. I hope she's going to be OK. Is an incision necessary for AI-ing a dog? It looks like a messy stitching job on a not-good incision.

Please keep us posted, looking forward to puppy pics.

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